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Save up on real-estate rentals by outsourcing data center hosting and work from home IT.

Available Space

225,000 sq.ft work-ready space and manpower are available for your BPO and KPO team.

Adaptive SLAs

Contracts and SLAs that address data security, space, power and cooling needs.

Outsource Anything

Go build amazing products the world is waiting for. Leave your business continuity challenges to the experts.

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    Meet Your Accounting Experts

    Expand your vision and let the experts manage your calculations.

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    Meet Your Marketing Experts

    Avoid the heavy lifting of marketing and focus on the brand instead.

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    Meet Your IT & Data Center Experts

    Drive an unstoppable business run by a ready-to-deploy IT team.

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Outsource your biggest business challenges to productivity.

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Outsourcing Decision Guide

A Three-Point Guide Towards Your Offsite Handover

Step 1

Identify strategic tasks

Assess your role in executing the task and what support you would require from offsite team members.

Ask our offsite team experts to present an analysis of the offsite team size that you need.

Step 2

Offload specific tasks

Analyze the essential talent that you would need and if it can be performed by specialized offsite talent.

Ask our offsite team experts to present an analysis of the workloads you can move offsite.

Step 3

Run offsite pilot

Add a pilot offsite team to run a new project and achieve greater performance while driving down costs.

Ask our offsite team experts to operationalize tasks with achievable growth figures.

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