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The Accounting Outsourcing division of Span Outsourcing is headquartered in Bangalore and has offices in USA and Europe. Established in 1999 as an outsourcing firm, the company has gained special expertise in Accounting Outsourcing. We have achieved a strong presence in many verticals such as staffing, information technology, healthcare & pharmaceuticals, financial services, and media-related sectors.

Span Outsourcing Services provides scalable account outsourcing solutions to small and medium business enterprises. Our range of solutions includes Monthly Closing of Books, Tax Returns Filling Services, Sales Tax and 1099 Return Processing, Payroll Processing, and other related services. Our financial specialists are technically trained and have a high level of expertise in software like QuickBooks, Peachtree, NetSuite, Sageline as well as ERP and Oracle packages.

This is how our account outsourcing process works

Span Account Outsourcing process works

This is how our account outsourcing process works

Focus breeds

Specialize only in finance and Accounting Outsourcing

Narrow target

Service the unique outsourcing needs of SMBs

Competitive pricing
driven by

Our lean cost structure

Well qualified and
experienced team

Accountants, CPAs, and MBAs with prior experience

Awadesh Mehta,

Mr. Mehta is experienced in both, the Indian and the North American dimensions of IT/BPO and Infrastructure/Govt. BOT projects. Besides being practiced in Capital Management, he is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Champions Group spearheads Span Outsourcing’s account outsourcing offerings. He brings on board years of experience with his successful stints at Venus Capital in Greater Boston Area, USA.

Accounting Outsourcing FAQs

What is Accounting Process Outsourcing (APO)?
When an employer outsources or transfers all or part of the accounting processes to an external service provider, it is called Accounting Outsourcing. Some of these functions include Bookkeeping, General Accounting and Write-up, Tax Returns Filing, Sales Tax and 1099 Return Processing, Payroll Processing, Financial Modelling, Analysis, and SEC reporting. A specialized Accounting Outsourcing firm such as Span Outsourcing invests in the most efficient technology, people and processes to standardize the accounting process. Outsourcing accounting functions to an accounting service provider tremendously enhances efficiency, cost, service, and speed of the accounting process.
How does is it work?
The accounting service provider appoints a dedicated accounting professional or professionals based on the client’s requirements.

For example, if a company in US outsources its recruiting functions to Span Outsourcing Services, a dedicated professional or professionals will be appointed in India to work on the client’s requirements. These professionals will report directly to the client and to the account manager/senior accountants at Span Outsourcing, allowing evaluation of the performance.
Why should client choose Span Outsourcing for Accounting Outsourcing?
The following factors recommend us: Click Here
You are in India, what credibility features can you offer clients in US, Europe and other countries?
Span Outsourcing is in business for more than 10 years. We have many clients who are actively using our services and benefiting from them. We are an incorporated organization in the state of Florida and we would provide you with references if required.
How soon can Span Outsourcing assign the accountants on the projects once the agreement is signed?
Span Outsourcing will require 1 week’s time to assign the project to accountants. This allows us the time to assign the most suitable accountants for you, set up an infrastructure with IP phones with the desired area code, and configure email accounts with the client domain.
Is there any minimum fixed contract duration if a client wants to sign up for an agreement?
We appreciate if the client signs up for a minimum duration of 3 months. We believe in effective high-quality service.
Does Span Outsourcing assign the dedicated accountant to any other projects when they are already on a project with a client?
No, professionals dedicated to one project will not work on different projects until the contract ends with the employer. Our commitment is reiterated in our agreement document. It states: ‘Any information or resource provided by the client would not be used for any other purpose and would be returned back to the client at the time of termination of the agreement.’

Why Span for Accounting Outsourcing

Why should client choose Span Outsourcing for Accounting Outsourcing?

The following factors recommend us:


  • Experienced Accounting, Marketing, IT, ERP, Business Intelligence, Sales Force professionals
  • Consultants with extensive accounting knowledge – in a variety of industries
  • Diverse Resource Pool – providing end-to-end accounting services
  • Multiple delivery centers for Business Continuity and Attrition Management

Quality and efficiency:

  • SLA-governed incident management & resolution
  • Dedicated Span Service Desk – 24/7 availability and toll-free access
  • Project Management Dashboard for active project oversight and health check


  • Strategic Partnership
  • Economies of Scale – the ability to leverage significant back-end resources
  • Greater cost efficiencies with larger application landscape


  • Strong Project Management & Oversight – proven governance model
  • Flexible Solutions – proven ability to quickly ramp up to meet client requirements and timelines
  • Effective Communication – flexible working hours and proven communication model ISO 9001:2008 Certified

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