Event Promotions

As a marketer/corporate business enterprise,

you give a lot of importance to successful events, seminars and shows. Not only are these great platform for generating leads, they can also help you launch million dollar deals in a day.

At Span Outsourcing, we organize events with great precision. We take care of every minute detail to make it a grand success. With extensive and targeted marketing of your events, we ensure that you have the right attendees, speakers, hosts coupled with a generous dose of entertainment based on the needs of the particular event.

You get:

  • All marketing content done by us – brochures, fliers and hand outs tailored for the event
  • Extensive use of media channels to reach out to specific target groups in your audience
  • Full circle management of the event from inviting guests to organizing shows

Our events will give you a unique opportunity to present your product/service to a global diaspora. We make sure your event is attended by the most wanted of all and that it yields a handsome ROI.