Prospect Intelligence Development

Capture target customers with our prospect development solutions

Our Prospect Intelligence Services are designed to help you reach your target audience in the minimum possible time. Our industry experts, through intelligent strategizing and campaigning, will bring the best prospect from the industry to your doorstep. With database experts, programmers and demand generation experts, you get a fresh host of leads for your marketing campaigns.

Span Outsourcing’s prospect intelligence services will shorten your sales cycles, and make prospect profiling a piece of cake. We will give you:

  • Industry insights such as revenue figures, prospect’s competitors, type of clients they serve, etc. with each of which you can make your campaigns more targeted and customized.
  • Intelligence services for prospecting for all kinds of marketing campaigns like telemarketing, direct mailing, email campaigns, etc.
  • Accurate and data verified first-hand – which implies that the information you get will be authentic and the contacts you receive will be opt-ins.

Smart prospecting will be your first step in establishing yourself as an industry leader. Plan, implement and execute your campaigns based on thoroughly profiled prospects.