Lead Management

For every marketer,

it’s nearly a nightmare to generate, track, organize and manage heavy flow of leads and prospects. An end-to-end management of leads involves various aspects such as analytics, alerts, scoring, surveying and more. They make lead management easier, faster and a result bringer! Span Outsourcing gives complete support through the Lead Management process for your business. We break up the entire lead management system into various sub-parts to ensure transparency and ease. We also have superior technical platforms that help managing leads/prospects with zero errors.

Our Lead Management Services will give you:

  • Critical analytics about your leads that reflect their needs, buying decisions, interests etc.
  • Track and reports counts like open rates, links, unsubscribes, email bounces, sales readiness etc.
  • Score every lead on various parameters that will help you adjudge if they are ready to purchase
  • Get instant sales alerts that close sales faster and prioritize prospects

Span Outsourcing’s Lead Management Services will get you a clearer picture of your prospects and where they stand in the sales wheel. With this, you will have closed in on your ROI goals.