Pay Per Click Services

PPC programs are now-a-days

considered as a must-do to promote your business online. It is super-fast, affordable, and one of the easiest methods of advertising on the net. Running a PPC campaign combined with intelligent SEO techniques will certainly increase traffic to your business website.

Span Outsourcing builds PPC campaigns after in-depth keyword research and site audit. Our Pay Per Click advertising campaigns will give your brand the dual advantage of immediate visibility and strategic placement. Within a few days of signing up, your site is listed with search engines; moreover, you can decide where to place your ads in the search page depending on your budget. This gives you complete control over the advertising efforts in terms of gaining visibility and how much you are spending.

We also geo-target your campaigns to help you decide from which part of the world visitors can see your ads. You can monitor your product’s performance on a regular basis. If dissatisfied, you can discontinue the campaign and start a new one or move over to a different search engine.