Email marketing

Email marketing is a strong and powerful digital marketing medium, if used well, can increase your business profits tremendously. Unfortunately, if mishandled can also create havoc.

Span Outsourcing offers email marketing services to advertise your product to the right segment of target audience. We design email campaigns after vigorous research, surveys and latest market trends. We also run permission-based campaigns to ensure that your emails reach each of your target’s Inbox. With our verified emails, you get a high deliverability from all your campaigns.

We take into account:

  • Designing the right email for the right segment
  • Sending the right email to the right segment
  • Following up religiously
  • Creating brand awareness
  • Staying away from spam
  • Generating leads

Our campaigns make the email take the shape of a business document, a marketing letter, promotional ad campaign and many other tools. Our email messages have evolved over the years into highly specialized and targeted instruments that do their job when they are fully loaded.

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